help yourself quit smoking

help yourself quit smoking

  • 4 Advantages Of Using Cloud-Based Electronic Medical Record Software At A Substance Abuse Rehab Center

    Recovering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol is a long process, and many people suffering from addiction choose to complete an in-patient recovery program at a substance abuse rehabilitation center. With numerous patients staying in one facility for various periods of time, keeping track of each person's medical records and recovery program can be a challenge. This is why many substance abuse rehabilitation centers are making the switch to cloud-based software that makes it easy for all providers at the facility to access electronic medical records (EMRs).

  • 3 Tips For Parents Of Opiate Addicts

    Opiate addiction is a horrible condition that can quickly turn a person's life upside down. Unfortunately, addiction doesn't just hurt the user, it also harms all of the people who love and care for the user. Learning that your child has an opiate addiction can be heartbreaking-- no parent wants to watch their child ruin their life with drugs. Use the following tips if your child is suffering from an opiate addiction:

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    help yourself quit smoking

    The first time that I quit smoking was easy. I was pregnant and knew that I couldn't continue to smoke if I wanted to have a healthy baby. Having that life inside of me made quitting a priority. After I had the baby, I did well for the first year, but after going to a family reunion and being around the other smokers for the day, I gave in and lit up a smoke. That was six years ago. I have been smoke-free for about a year now, and it is all because of what I learned about helping myself quit. Find out what helped me here on this blog.