help yourself quit smoking

help yourself quit smoking

3 Tips For Parents Of Opiate Addicts

by Gabriel Bowman

Opiate addiction is a horrible condition that can quickly turn a person's life upside down. Unfortunately, addiction doesn't just hurt the user, it also harms all of the people who love and care for the user. Learning that your child has an opiate addiction can be heartbreaking-- no parent wants to watch their child ruin their life with drugs. Use the following tips if your child is suffering from an opiate addiction:

Avoid Being an Enabler

As a parent, it is natural to love your child and want to care for him or her. But if your child is suffering from an opiate condition, it is very important not to be an enabler. No matter how hard it is, one of the best things you can do is say "no" to your addicted child-- do not provide them with any money or a place to live. When an opiate addict does not have to worry about maintaining their lifestyle, he or she will have no motivation to change or seek treatment for their addiction.

Be Transparent with Family Members and Close Friends

Many times, parents of opiate addicts feel ashamed and afraid that their child's addiction may some how be their fault, which can lead to trying to hide the condition from others. There is no reason to feel shame-- addiction strikes all kinds of families, and you should not be embarrassed.

Be open and transparent with your family and friends about what is going on with your child, and request that others avoid providing money or shelter to your child while he or she is an active addict. As an addict's circle of enablers grows smaller, it will be much more difficult for him or her to maintain his or her lifestyle and regular drug use. Ideally, without a source of money or a place to live, an addict will hit rock bottom and be motivated to seek change.

Offer Support and the Opportunity to Change

An addict is never going to overcome an addiction because other people want him or her too-- an addict has to want to change. As a parent, make sure that you tell your child how much you love him or her, but explain that you are not willing to contribute to his or her addiction. Make it clear that you will help your child find a drug addiction treatment center where he or she can receive treatment to help recover and overcome an opiate addiction. Contact a treatment center, such as Pacific Ridge, for more information.   


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