help yourself quit smoking

help yourself quit smoking

4 Advantages Of Using Cloud-Based Electronic Medical Record Software At A Substance Abuse Rehab Center

by Gabriel Bowman

Recovering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol is a long process, and many people suffering from addiction choose to complete an in-patient recovery program at a substance abuse rehabilitation center. With numerous patients staying in one facility for various periods of time, keeping track of each person's medical records and recovery program can be a challenge.

This is why many substance abuse rehabilitation centers are making the switch to cloud-based software that makes it easy for all providers at the facility to access electronic medical records (EMRs). There are many advantages associated with using cloud-based software for EMRs, such as:

Easier Information Sharing 

One of the biggest benefits of cloud-based EMRs is the fact that it makes sharing patient information incredibly easy. A person going through an intense recovery program may see several different care providers in a single day; with EMRs, each person helping the patient can instantly bring up medical records using any device that is connected to the Internet.

Easier Medication Management 

During an in-patient stay for substance abuse recovery, a patient may need prescription medication administered, whether it is prescribed by a doctor at the facility or by an outside physician for previous medical conditions. Using EMR software allows all medical personnel to keep track of when medication is administered in real time, which can reduce prescription errors and ensure that no patients get more than one dose of their prescribed medication.

More Cost Savings

While it doesn't sound like updating a written chart by hand would take too much time, over the course of a year each staff member at a rehab facility can spend a substantial amount of time writing and updating charts. With EMR software, the patient's name and basic information will be saved in the system, so there will be no need to write that information over and over at the top of each page. In addition, since EMRs are cloud-based, staff members won't need to be paid to file or maintain the records like they must do with handwritten medical records.

Increased Security

Cloud-based EMR software for substance abuse rehab centers are designed with the highest level of security in mind to protect a patient's private information. Encryption and the need for a unique password ensures that no one will see any medical records except the people who are allowed to do so. In addition, EMRs ensure that records will never be damaged by fire or flooding. 

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